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We provide the optimal FX-LBS solution to satisfy our customers by creating and processing various location-based data.

  • Vehicle arrival information

    Vehicle arrival information

    It predicts the travel time from the current location of the vehicle to the destination and provides it to passengers or drivers clearly.
    Ex) T-money express bus arrival information

  • High precision process

    High-precision positioning receiving and providing system

    We provide a solution that receives high-precision location data such as RTK, DGPS, and indoor positioning and processes it as valid data.
    Ex) MBC RTK

Possessed technologies
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    GIS management
    • GIS-based vehicle operation history management
    • Vehicle route management technology
    • Visualization of information based on Open GIS
  • location icon
    Vehicle location technology
    • Location information integrated DB design/build/operation
    • Real-time monitoring by vehicle
    • Vehicle control technology
    • Location-based POI platform technology
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    • Indoor positioning information GIS management/analysis technology
    • DGNSS correction information reception/output system technology
    • RTK calibration status monitoring
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