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We provide FX-TPEG solution that can manage A to Z of TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) service-from system development and operation, data monitoring to customer center operation-all at once.

  • drive

    Traveler information
    in TPEG standard

    The TPEG system is provided based on data standards that have been proven for a long time, and can be transmitted based on DMB or IP.

  • connected car

    IP-based TPEG system API

    The TCP/IP-based traffic and travel information provision system with TPEG standard format provides the best quality and performance in the autonomous driving and connected car market.

  • operation

    TPEG system
    with stable operation

    We provide continuous monitoring service for stable operation and high quality of TPEG system and service.

Possessed technology
  • Foundation icon
    Base technology
    • TPEG Decoder (S/W Type)
    • TPEG Parsing
    • CTT MINI MAP link matching management
  • Application icon
    Applied technology
    • Content integrated receiving / processing / providing technology
    • TPEG authentication system
    • Sales management system
    • SDI / RTM data attribute conversion technology
    • DMB (TPEG) disaster broadcasting system
  • Provision icon
    • OnAir Monitoring Alarm System technology
    • TPEG Data real-time transmission monitoring technology
    • TPEG Content monitoring technology
    • CTT SUM(MINI MAP) generation technology
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    Ministry of the Interior and Safety

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