Vehicle Big Data Analysis & Consulting

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We create smart traffic data in smart cities to create, manage, and control meaningful data in the mobility industry ranging from vehicle, traffic management, insurance finance, construction, and logistics.

  • smart city

    Smart City

    Providing solutions to improve mobility in smart cities (Road analysis, road signal analysis, departure/arrival data analysis, road speed analysis, etc.)

  • a government office


    Expert assistance with insight into improving traffic by improving roads to reduce congestion

  • Automotive Data

    Automotive Data

    Provide various contents and personalized services for drivers through automobile data service platforms such as passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and provide vehicle status data and accumulated data analysis and services

  • Corporation


    Various companies use the solutions owned by Formax (logistics, insurance, advertising, financial services, general development companies, etc.)

  • Shipping and Logistics

    Shipping and Logistics

    Provide delivering delivery and logistics optimization solutions

  • Various Analysis of Mobility Using Location and Status Information

    • O-D analysis of public transportation such as taxis
    • Analysis of mobility location and status of bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, etc.
  • connected car

    Calculation of Meaningful Data Through Statistical Analysis of Traffic Information

    • Analysis of Insurance loss ratio
    • Assessing traffic impact on construction, civil engineering, etc.
    • Analysis of distribution point selection through traffic congestion analysis
    • Feasibility analysis of road transportation infrastructure improvement projects
    • Analysis of Mobility-based advertising media

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