Connected Car Project Support

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We support the establishment of connected car and service platform businesses in accordance with Korea's location-based service regulations and customer requirements.

  • How to build a connected car service in Korea?
  • How do we invest in our own personnel and equipment to build a connected car service?
  • How do we operate and manage the connected car system?
  • How should we respond to localization in Korea?
  • How should we do customer service in Korea?

In order to provide a connected car service in Korea, there are many things to consider, including content sourcing, system integration, introduction of navigation, and local legal review.
These complex and difficult problems can be solved together with Formax Network's connected car consulting.

  • map traffic parking Electric vehicle charging station


    • Navigation
    • Traffic information
    • Parking information
    • Electric vehicle charging station information
    • Speed Cam

    • .
  • integration

    Content integration, processing

    • Integrated system
    • Machining system
    • Providing system
  • map


    • Device
    • IP Network
    • TPEG
    • UI/UX
    • Navigation
  • call

    Service Center

    • Customer response
    • Center operation
    • System operation
  • law

    Business License

    • Licensing consulting
    • Review of relevant laws

We provide a total solution from business licensing consulting in Korea to connected service operation.

We support connected car and service platform businesses to settle in Korea in accordance with the Korean location-based service regulations and customer requirements.

  • support and management

    Business support and project management in Korea

    • Local project support and management
    • Issue tracking and update the progress
    • Local communication channel with local language support
  • consulting

    Consulting on Autonomous Driving, Location Information Business, Korean Regulations for Map Development, Legal Support, and Map Evaluation

    • S. Korea’s new registration / restriction legal consulting for autonomous driving and location based services
    • Quality comparison local map providers for autonomous driving
    • Mapping and survey services
    • Autonomous driving test in the local test environment
  • solution

    Provide a turnkey solution for imported cars to provide traffic information and connected services in Korea

    • IP / DMB TPEG based traffic and contents services for automotive
    • Develop local contents for the connected services
    • Customized APIs
    • Web based service planning
    • Cloud operation and SLA management
    • Technical support for Tier 1
    • Customer support
    • Single contract, total solution

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